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Elevutbyte Sverige

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Samtliga elever som var på besök i Sverige
Collage från mötet i Sverige

The week was very fun and we learned a lot about Sweden and the other countries. We learned about Swedish animals and the laws in Swedish nature. The funniest part of the week was when we were all together in the evenings and learned to know each other better. The first day we were at David`s place and bought some pizza and sat out in the good weather. The second day we were at Sarah´s place and celebrated Alva´s birthday with a birthday cake and some singing and dancing.

On the days we went to different places in Bohuslän example on Tuesday we went to “Nordens ark” and saw different animals.

On Thursday we went to the hairdresser school and we got our hair done and some of us got make up done.

// Sarah, Jonna, Arabelle, Lova


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