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Elevutbyte Turkiet

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Våra elever på plats i Turkiet

The trip from Sweden to Turkey was the best trip I have done. It was an interesting trip because I have learned much new things. There are a lot of new things that I have learned during the trip that I previously had no idea about. It's been fun to visit the historical sites and also the museum we were at.

This trip will have many memories of all the fun things that we have done. All all fan pictures we have takeed and when it came up a girl who ask to buy my sunglasses.

Ottilia kör buss i Turkiet

This is one of all the pictures I have taken. I thought it was very funny when they asked if they could take a picture too tougher with me. That was for the first time I felt a little bit famous.

This is an picture that the bus driver wanted to take on me, I do not know why. He asked it on Turkish so I did not understand what he meant first but then he show me what he meant. I was quite scared but still thought it was a funny thing.

This is another picture of a funny thing happened during the trip. It arrived a random man who worked at the market and asked me if I could take a picture of him when he was sitting there.

It has almost been only positive things of the trip. There's somethings that have not been so good. The one thing was that I've moved around so much, I could live with three different families before we went home. But that was one positive thing about it was because that I got to see how the different families all lived, there were much difference between all the families I was with. So just that has been an experience.

But this trip is really something I want to do again!!!!!!!!

// Ottilia

Elever i Turkiet

I´ve had lots of fun on the trip to Turkey. I´ve learned about new cultures, new languages and i´ve gotten to know new people. I now know more about Turkey and how the people there live their lives. They have a big food culture, when they eat they eat small portions of a lot of different food and they are not afraid to try new food.

I´ve also learned that it's important how you dress yourself. It is not many people that put on shorts or dresses etc like it is in sweden. I’am used to dress myself after what weather it is, so when i come to a country that is very hot i put on shorts, but the people there are not used to that.

The people from Turkey love their country very much. You can see the turkish flag everywhere and they know very much about their history and the one who created Turkey. And they love to tell everyone about it and are very proud.

Våra elever i Turkiet

I lived with a lovely girl called Beyza. She lived with me when everyone came to sweden. I lived in a apartment with a beautiful view and it almost looked like a picture from Greece.

So my trip to Turkey has been amazing. I´ve met so many nice and kind people and i have so many memories and pictures and i think it has been a amazing experience
// Jonna

That first thing I want to say is that I have learned myself so many things like communicate with people that not speaking swedish or english, how spoiled we are in Sweden and how fun it can be to meet new people. I maybe not learned so much english that I would hope for but that things that I did learn is awesome because no one can get things like this learned in school, like see how they live in their weeks and not just see how the tourist places are.

Eleverna på utsiktasplats i Turkiet

My thoughts about the journey is that I had very fun and the people in Turkey are very kind. The days was sometimes little more boring than other but that is live I guess. I liked when we students was together on the evenings and played games with each other. One thing that I didn't like was when our schedule was changed and we did other stuff to compare it.
Another thing that I didn’t like so much was the long bus trips we did because the heat and the days was ruined so we didn’t do so much after that. The weather was good but little to much clouds on the sky.

Maybe that I like most about Turkey is their food. I like their food because I like meat and the fruits was so sweet and delicious.

My home was very good, I’ve got mine in room, they had nice toilets and a comfortable house just to be in. Where I lived compared to other it was pretty good.

I think this journey is worth the time to do stuff like write and so on and it’s really worth the experience that you will get from this. I don’t regret anything from this trip.

I didn’t take so much pictures so I leave that to the other students.
That was my thoughts about this journey.

// David

Collage från Turkietresan


My experience in Turkey was very fun, and if I had the chance I would do it all over again. I learned a lot during my week in Turkey, such as how a Turkish school looked like. It was very different compared to mine, but then every school isn’t alike. The school in Turkey was just one building, compared to mine, it has several buildings so sometimes you have to go outside to go to another lesson. The nature was also a bit different, there were a lot of stray dogs and cats on the streets. Something I also learned that was different from Sweden is that they didn’t wear seatbelts while in the car. Because in Sweden there is a law that says you have to wear seatbelt.

I also learned that the people there were different levels of religious. Not everyone were very religious and some were.

Some good things about the trip is that you meet new people from other countries, which is really cool. You learn to be more independent and also how to be more social, which is important on a trip like this. You also learn more about another countries traditions.

Some bad stuff that happened in Turkey was that the principal didn’t want all of us to hangout on the evenings, because he didn’t want boys and girls to be around each other without any grown up watching. Probably so that any inappropriate stuff wouldn’t happen.

// Ellen

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