Hälsning från Uganda mars 2018

Hello Helena,

We are really grateful for you and your school you have really made a difference in at our school and in the lives of our students. we would kindly like to know if you will be supporting the feeding program this month too. Last month we were delayed because of the bank but the money was used to cover the food we got on credit for the month of February.

Have a good week


Hello Abbey,

Our schools plans to have a solidarity campaign to collect money for your school like we did last year. I hope that we can help funding your new classroom. I think this will be in April.


Hello Helena,

Here are the photos for the new class we are setting up. Due to many students we have now we need two new class rooms and this one is one of them. That is the work we have been able to do but we are out of funds, we need to do finishing and put door and the windows too, buy painting and the things we need to get done with the construction of the class room. Do you have anyone you know that can help us and we finish this class room.

The photos of lunch are were taken this week too, we bought the lunch for the students. after the coming two months we wont be able to carry on the big work your doing for us. do you have any other way you think you can keep on supporting us please. In the coming week i will be sending you the report.

Hope to hear from you

Have a good weekend