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Summary of  H V E

Higher Vocational Education – H V E (known by its Swedish abbreviation, Yh) is a specialized, post-secondary-school level that gives you up-to-date, customized competence. A competence that makes you productive from day one in your organization. It is a unique form of education based on close collaboration between potential employers and staff.

Higher Vocational Education (HVE) programs have come about as a response to a real labour market need and their operations are in concert with employers and industry. Education providers may be universities, local authorities or private training companies.

HVE is tailored to suit an evolving market place situation. Contents and specializations will change over time. New programs will start and old ones will be discontinued as the labour market changes. HVE is a flexible educational system that only give courses when there is a market demand for skilled workers of a particular field. Yh curricula are also expandable, continuously, in terms of scope and content, in order to stay on top at all times.

It is a characteristic of HVE that the companies and organisations tied to the programmes take an active part in the planning as well as the implementation of the programmes. Employers and industry representatives take part as members of the programmes’ steering committees. They may also take part through giving lectures, joining in projects or by offering work placements. 

Programme length varies, although most are between one and three years in duration. They span over a number of different fields

All programmes are at a post-secondary level, free of charge and qualify for student financial aid from the Swedish National Board for Student Aid (CSN).

Completion of a one-year minimum programme results in a Diploma in Higher Vocational Education. Completion of a two-year minimum programme results in an Advanced Diploma in Higher Vocational Education.

The Swedish National Agency for Higher Vocational Education has responsibility for all matters concerning Higher Vocational Education (HVE) in Sweden.  We analyse labour market needs for qualified workforce, decide which programmes are to be provided as HVE and allocate public funding to education providers. We also carry out follow-ups, evaluations and inspections

About one quarter of the HVE course consists of WAYS and is one of HVE’s fundamental principles, it is to combine theory and practice – throughout the study program. We call it Work As You Study – WAYS – an approach with major benefits.

This creates opportunities for all of our students to build networks during the time of their studies. HVE-graduates become productive, appreciated assets for employers.

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HVE Tailoring

The HVE program Tailoring is a three year education, 600 HVEpoints, and results in an Advanced Diploma in Higher Vocational Education.

This is a thorough education that aims to satisfy the tailoring and garment industry's need for expertise and get creative personnel involved in the development needed in the industry. We work with both the old traditional craftsmanship and with the latest computer technology.

The programme has three main focuses in which you specialize in men´s wear tailoring, women´s wear tailoring or dressmaking.

After completing the programme, you should be able to work such as tailor, alteration tailor, self-employed, pattern designer, etc.